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Instagram Famous Face Masks You Need to Try

By Carly Cochrane - 11 months ago | Updated
glitter face mask

There was once a time when face masks were a Sunday skin care ritual that only ever took place within the four walls of our bedroom; dare to leave and you’ll find yourself either ridiculed by the entire house or scarring your little brother for life.

Fast forward to the present day however, and #facemaskselfies are the first to swamp our Instagram feeds, as beauty buffs eagerly showcase their new superstar skin care product.

We’ve seen everything from glitter masks to holographic, bubble and space masks take over our explore page and become the latest trend – and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t double tap them before tap-tapping our cards at the checkout.

We wouldn’t want you to miss out on the fun and games (and skin care), so we’ve rounded up some of the most Instagram famous face masks that actually work.

We’re kicking things off with GLAMGLOW, a brand loved by the likes of Miley Cyrus, Emily Ratajkowski and Shay Mitchell, plus a regular on the ‘gram.

This easy, peel-off treatment sky-rocketed in popularity for its revolutionary firming and tightening benefits. Infused with liquorice leaf and marshmallow, it applies as a cream before drying down into a metallic silver finish, making it super worthy of Instagram status.

Our favourite makeover mogul Trinny cuts straight to the facts about the hydrogel face mask (making our job all the easier, thanks girl!).

Popping up left, right and centre – and for good reason too – this gold, jelly-textured sheet mask comes at a wallet-friendly price and is packed with tonnes of anti-ageing ingredients. Infused with a super serum, you can minimise the appearance of fine lines in just 20 minutes.

Watching people turn their faces in to grey foaming clouds has been our guilty pleasure over the last couple of years – and no, we’ll never get tired of seeing people turn into the real-life Michelin man.

Korean-born, the bubble mask took off in 2016 and has been a favourite amongst beauty enthusiasts ever since. The oxygen-filled bubbles remove dirt, dead skin and excess oil so you can reveal a revived complexion.

Lacing your face with 24 karat gold? Now that’s a trend we’ll jump on, no questions asked.

Other than being completely Instagrammable, gold is actually an ingredient that is bursting with skin benefits. Perfect for makeup prep, it can help boost the circulation of skin cells, stimulate collagen production and brighten your complexion.

Although clay formulas are the OG of the face mask world, social media still managed to go wild when L’Oreal launched their clay mask range.

Catering to all areas of your face, and all your skin care needs, this collection lets you tailor your treatment. Choose from one, two or six formulas, apply them at once, and indulge in a rainbow-style face mask that’ll give you your best skin yet.

In 2018, sheet masks topped the beauty trend leader board by a mile, with celebs such as Maya Jama, Bella Hadid and Lady Gaga all posting snaps of themselves sporting the goods.

With so many styles and formulas on offer, you can literally have sheet masks in rotation from Monday to Friday, but why not kick things off with the animal prints that Instagrammer’s are loving. From foxes to pandas, cats and unicorns, there’s an animal suited to every personality (and of course, skin concern).

Mark our words: honey is set to be the next big thing on Insta. Bursting with tonnes of antioxidants, this ingredient can be used in its purest form as a mask that instantly hydrates and revitalises skin.

The sweet-smelling gloop dries down to a white, rich cream that can be used day or night – although we suggest putting out a disclaimer beforehand to avoid striking fear into the hearts of any little ones.