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7 Reasons Not to Wear Makeup

By Ellie Child - 10 months ago | Updated
7 reasons to go makeup free

Now don’t get us wrong, we absolutely adore makeup (clearly) but sometimes our skin needs a serious break from heavy foundations and thickening mascaras. For many, the idea of not wearing makeup can be seriously daunting – and understandably so when most digital media channels primarily show women wearing copious amounts.

But we're here to explain why you should go bare-faced this weekend – and every other weekend! Take the plunge and unlock a world of healthier skin and longer lashes, for these seven reasons.

1. It can create a deeper sense of self confidence

It’s time to love and embrace what you were naturally born with. A lot of us get used to what we look like with makeup on – so much so that we often discard the idea of leaving the house without it. Eliminate that toxic mindset and accept your naturally beautiful assets by ditching the lashings of foundation and mascara. In turn, you’ll find that people really aren’t that bothered about whether you have completely flawless, pore-free skin, reinforcing genuine self-confidence.

2. You can have an extra 20 minutes in bed

I mean, is there really any better reason than this? Treat yourself to a little extra rest by taking out that early morning makeup routine. Better still, your skin, immune system and general well-being will be far better off thanks to you catching those extra ZZZs.

this works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

this works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Really indulge in some extra beauty sleep with this calming pillow spray. Its clever formula works to efficiently ease restless minds for a deeper night’s sleep.

3. Your skin will thank you in the form of less breakouts

We all know that breakouts are formed by clogged pores, so it's no surprise that not wearing makeup gives your pores the time to recuperate. Sure, foundation creates the appearance of clear and blemish-free skin, but it is actually causing more damage than you think. The germs and oils found in foundation (particularly older products) nestle in the pores, causing unwanted inflammation and infection that can take up to a week to clear. No thanks.

4. You’ll save way more money...

...which means you can invest even more in your skin care routine! Putting more time, effort and high quality skin care products into your AM and PM routines will undoubtedly pave the way to healthier skin. When your skin is looking and feeling better, you simply won’t require as much foundation – it's a real win-win situation.

ELEMIS Papaya Enzyme Peel

ELEMIS Papaya Enzyme Peel

If you’ve been cutting back on the monthly makeup essentials, why not treat yourself to a real skin care saviour? Sure, it's a bit higher on the price range, but with the extra pennies you’re saving elsewhere it’s completely justified. This effective peel gently but effectively removes dead skin cells and grime to uncover a truly radiant complexion. This one is an absolute must-have for those looking to perk up dull skin.

5. Less bacteria will reside on your face

If you’re guilty of not cleaning your brushes and tools as regularly as you should, you may want to consider giving your face a break from bacteria. It’s important to note that the older your products are, the higher the presence of pathogens is. If you and your pals occasionally share the odd lip liner or lipstick, you could potentially be sharing viruses like the flu or herpes simplex, too, as the waxy ingredients and proteins harbour bacteria for weeks.

6. Eye infections become a thing of the past

Tubes of mascara are known for hanging onto preservatives and bacteria that can cause eye infections like conjunctivitis, which quite frankly is something we could do without. In a few cases, some people have even reported that ditching the mascara has led to longer lashes over time. Of course, this is down to each individual but hey, it’s worth a try!

Talika Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel

Talika Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel

Taking a break from mascara means you can treat your lashes to a little lengthening treatment. Simply swipe this nourishing gel onto bare lashes over a course of 28 days to unlock a natural, fluttery look.

7. Premature ageing can be lessened

We’re not saying that scrapping the lippy and mascara is going to turn back the clock, but when you stop using makeup wipes you reduce the damage caused by harsh pulling and scrubbing, which definitely helps keep your appearance fresh, revived and youthful. Makeup wipes are notoriously bad for skin and their sometimes drying nature can really tug on the delicate skin around the eye.

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

Instead of cleansing wipes, try out this nourishing cleansing balm to lift away the day's dirt and grime. Its silky formula means it glides over the skin to avoid that unwanted pulling.

Try kick-starting this makeup-free habit by not wearing makeup on a Sunday and then work your way up to spending three-to-four consecutive days without it. Over time, leaving the house completely bare-faced will come naturally and the days of constant top ups will fade away. It’s time to welcome the glowing skin you deserve!

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