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By Rebecca Jenkinson, Beauty Editor

With our skin care guide, you can find out everything you need to know before buying or using the product. If you're ready to buy or want to see our selection, visit our skincare page.

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Your Guide To Skin Care

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  6. Skin Supplements
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woman applying eye cream in hand mirror

What is the best moisturizer for mature skin?

Mature skin is often drier and needs more hydration. So, when you're searching for the best moisturisers for mature skin try to stick to richer, nourishing creams or hydration-boosting serums with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and nourishing essential oils. For anti-aging moisturizers lookout for antioxidant-rich solutions enriched with components like vitamin C, retinol and coenzyme Q10.

Here at Cosmetify, we have a wide selection of moisturizers, eye creams, oils and serums perfect for mature skin. Use our skin type filter to find the best fit for you and refine again by brand, ingredient preference and price. Leading brands include Charlotte Tilbury, Sunday Riley, REN and Clinique.

What is moisturizer used for?

Moisturizer is an essential part of every skin care routine at every age. It helps protect, soothe and smooth the skin. It's important to incorporate into your cleansing routine as it ensures your skin stays hydrated, rather than dry, flaky or irritated.

Face moisturizes come in all consistencies and formats depending on your skin type. Thick, cream moisturizers are best for dry skin, while gel moisturizers are perfect for combination and oily skin types. Serums and oils help renew your complexion and protect it from environmental aggressors. And face mists and essences offer a quick burst of hydration throughout the day. For a little more coverage, browse tinted moisturizers which help even out your complexion.

woman applying moisturizer to face

How often should you moisturize your face?

You should moisture your face daily in both the morning and evening. In the morning opt for a lighter, day cream and in the evening choose a more nourishing night cream. Day creams help protect the skin throughout the day and are often enriched with ingredients that protect the skin from free radicals. Not to mention, some daytime moisturizers contain SPF. If not, we recommend adding Sunscreen into your morning routine too.

In the evening, once you have removed all your makeup, your skin needs some extra TLC. So, we recommend a rich, nourishing night cream or lotion. This helps renew your skin overnight, so you wake up feeling fresh faced and glowing.

What face moisturizer do dermatologists recommend?

If you suffer with sensitive skin, it can be tricky finding the perfect moisturizer. Dermatologically tested formulas mean you're safe in the knowledge that a professional skin practitioner has completed a tolerance test. This is an indication that it's safe to use and most likely free from any known irritants. However, if you do have sensitivities, we recommend patch testing any new products before use.

Leading brands with dermatologically tested moisturizers include Clinique, Saturday Skin, Dr Dennis Gross Skincare and Kate Somerville. Use our ingredient preference filter to refine your search and make sure you check out moisturizers suitable for sensitive skin.


Rinse away the dirt and grime from your day with a cleanser that goes the extra mile. Shop amongst skin care giants such as Lumene, Magnitone and many others to discover some of the best oil, cream and water-based cleansers. Or, reveal your cleanest and clearest complexion yet by snapping up professional cloths, sponges and facial brushes.

What does a skin cleanser do?

Basically, a skin cleanser removes all the grime from your complexion. Cleansing daily helps rid your skin of oil, dirt, dead skin cells and impurities. Not to mention, it unclogs your pores to help prevent excess sebum and acne. Lots of beauty buffs recommend double cleansing. The first cleanser is usually an oil-based formula or a micellar water to easily remove your makeup, whilst the second offers a deeper, more thorough cleanse. This helps keep your skin feeling fresh and looking blemish free.

A skin cleanser is your one stop shop to washing away the remnants of the day, leaving your skin ready for treatments, oils and serums. Nourishing skin cleansers can also help boost hydration and prevent premature aging from pollution.

woman with foam cleanser

Should I use skin cleanser every day?

The simple answer is yes, absolutely! Whether you're wearing makeup or not, it's still important to cleanse your face at the end of the day. This helps remove product build up, impurities and dirt from left over traces of makeup, SPF or daily pollution.

For oily skin types, we also recommend cleansing your face in the morning as well to help balance your natural oils. However, if you have dry or sensitive skin, a morning cleanse might not be necessary. Follow this with your favorite toner, serum, eye cream, moisturizer and SPF. Not only will this help your skin appear clearer and healthier, but it also ensures your makeup sits better on your skin.

woman washing face with water

Do you have to wash off cleanser?

Yes, you have to wash your cleanser off straight away. Whether it's a gel, cream, balm or lotion, cleansers keep your skin feeling squeaky clean and remove the dirt. That's why it's important you don't leave the impurities sitting on your face and instead quickly remove using your chosen solution. Simply, massage the cleanser into your face using small circular motions using your fingertips, an exfoliating sponge or a facial cleansing brush. Then rinse away with lukewarm water and a face cloth.

Cleanser are the first step in your skincare routine. They make way for other nourishing skincare goodies and help the effectiveness of toners, serums and moisturizers.

What is the best skin cleanser?

This is all depends on your skin type and your specific skin concerns. Luckily, at Cosmetify we have drop-down skincare filters so you can refine your search to fit your requirements, whether you have acne-prone skin or live a cruelty-free lifestyle. Simply search by ingredient preference, format and skin benefit to find the best skin cleanser for you.

We have a huge selection for you to choose from, including vegan-friendly must-haves and cleansers suitable for sensitive skin. Better still, we have a great mixture of leading high-end skincare brands like REN, Sunday Riley, Emma Hardie and Tata Harper, as well as affordable brands such as The Ordinary, Garnier and CeraVe.

If you need more help, just take a read of our guide to the best cleansers for your skin type.


There’s one sure thing that can be done to expose a brighter complexion: exfoliating. Polish off your skin care routine with a revitalizing new exfoliator to unlock a smoother, brighter visage. Delivering solutions for both sensitive and normal skin types, our inclusive range of exfoliators help to buff, polish and brighten. Browse our selection today and find your favorite face scrubs, chemical exfoliators and exfoliating face masks.

What is exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the act of removing dead skins from the surface layer of skin. Don't worry, it's not as harsh as it sounds. This process unclogs pores, boosts circulation and encourages the renewal of new cells. Exfoliation is perfect for boosting and creating a youthful glow, while also evening out your skin tone and preventing acne breakouts.

You can do this either with a physical exfoliation or chemical exfoliation. Physical exfoliators require manual scrubbing, using either a cleansing face scrub, masks, wash cloth or face brush. Whereas chemical exfoliators use special ingredients, like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta-hydroxy acids (BHA) or retinol, to remove build up. This helps improve the skin texture, pigmentation and removes excess oil and sebum.

Women with a face scrub

How do you exfoliate your face?

If you're using a physical exfoliator, like a face scrub, wet your face and take a small amount of the product. Massage gently into the skin using small, circular motions. Make sure you don't press too hard as this could cause irritation or redness. Then to remove use lukewarm water and pat dry.

If you're using a chemical exfoliator, how you use it depends on the product type such as serum, mask, wash or peel. Some require you to swipe or pat the product across your complexion with a cotton pad, whereas others need to be massaged in and rinsed off. Whichever you choose, concentrate the product on the areas that need some extra love like the oily t-zone. Then leave to absorb into the face, rinse if needed and follow with your favorite serums and moisturizes.

woman applying face scrub in the mirror

How often should you exfoliate?

For normal to oily skin types, we recommend exfoliation two to three times a week. This helps remove excess oils and product build-up. By implementing exfoliating products into your regular weekly skincare routine, you'll start to see improvements in the tone and texture of your skin. Better still, it will keep your complexion looking clearer and healthier. You can also use a combination of facial brushes and different types of exfoliators to get the results you're after.

However, if you have sensitive skin, we suggest only exfoliating once a week. You should also stick to products that have either been dermatologically tested or are specially designed for sensitivities. Use our ingredient preference filter to find the best exfoliator for your skin type.

pink face scrub texture

What is the best face exfoliator?

Here at Cosmetify, we have a long list of some of the very best exfoliators in the biz. Leading brands include The Ordinary, PIXI, Ole Henriksen, Summer Fridays and Goop. No matter your skin concern or skin type, there's a face exfoliator to fit into your routine. Use our useful drop-down filters to refine your search by skin type, skin benefit, ingredient preference, format and price. This is perfect for finding sensitive skin must-haves and cruelty-free skincare gems. Not to mention, you can easily find budget-friendly exfoliators so you can get glowing, healthy-looking skin without breaking the bank.

If you're looking for the best exfoliators for men, you can find what you need on our Beauty Hub!

Skin Treatments

From pesky blemishes to parched complexions, problem skin can affect all of us to some degree or another. Now is the time to fight back – and we’ve got every weapon you could possibly need. Shop our collection of skin treatments today, as some of the best brands in the business supply specialized remedies that tackle your skin care woes, head on.

How can I get my clear skin to last?

To put it simply, skin care routines need to be applied constantly, not just for a few weeks. If you've discovered a potent skin care routine containing effective and nourishing products, you need to continue to implement this routine into your daily life to maintain clear skin.

Your skin is constantly replenishing and restoring itself, so applying high-performing formulas is pivotal in maintaining a healthy complexion. Naturally soothing ingredients like aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and rosehip oil are proficient at cleansing the skin and revealing a clear, smooth and fresh texture.

There is no quick fix or miracle cream that immediately produces clear skin that lasts - it's a continuous process that revolves around potent and effective products.

How do I fade acne scars?

The annoying, itchy aftermath is almost as irritating as dealing with the acne itself. There are a few simple ways to help alleviate the pain and irritation, most of which can easily be incorporated into your every day life.

Staying out of the skin is vital for easing acne scars - UV rays damage the skin and constant exposure can lead to long term issues. Like many aspects of skin care, prevention is easier than the cure, so if you do head outside on a summer's afternoon, make sure to wear plenty of sun protection.

In regards to skin care products, any creams or lotions rich in glycolic acid, lactic acid and Vitamin C helps cleanse and purify the skin. These ingredients are natural exfoliators and help create a balanced skin tone. Rosehip oil and aloe vera also help heighten the process and add a clear and smooth complexion.

How do I rejuvenate my skin?

Having dry, dull and lacklustre skin can take its toll on your confidence and energy levels. Thankfully, skin care is rife with effective, powerful and easy-to-use products which instantly breathe life into your complexion.

If your skin needs a full revamp, we recommend investing in a complete skin care collection to give it the makeover it needs. A nutrient-dense moisturizer is a must-have, preferably alongside a firming or toning lotion to tighten the skin. Products rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins are vital for restoring brightened skin; you can filter by ingredient here on Cosmetify to find what you need.

If you have dry and dead skin, a powerful exfoliator is vital for replenishing your complexion. Cleansing the skin and providing nutrients is the simple process, repetition of that cycle of that method promises to keep your skin looking healthy, sleek and fresh.

Does Vitamin C help with my acne?

Never underestimate the power of vitamins. Vitamin C serums are hugely popular for a reason, because they actually work. Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C serums brighten the skin, add vitality to dull areas and reduce the appearance of acne.

The formula is highly acidic, which prompts the skin to heal itself and accelerate the cleansing process. The active ingredients, such as protein fibers, target the problem areas and breathe energy into your skin. Vitamin C is particularly effective when combined with other antioxidants and Vitamin E.

The best way to digest Vitamin C is using a potent serum, which immediately penetrates the skin and provides instant results. An alternative method is to take Vitamin C supplements, and of course, drink plenty of orange juice.

What is the best treatment for aging skin?

People have been searching for youthful potions for centuries, and now thanks to the advances of modern day science, anti-aging products are more effective than ever. There are numerous formulas and elixirs on the market so it can be hard to know where to look, however, there are a few hero ingredients to look out for: hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and retinoids yield the best results.

Amidst the rise of multiple anti-aging products, sunscreen lotions remain the greatest defense against premature aging. The active ingredients protect your skin from harmful UV rays, which are powerful when it comes to provoking wrinkles and sagging skin.

Many brands pride themselves on providing innovative anti-aging products. We suggest opting for a brand that offers products centered around science for the best results.

Face Masks

Whether you’re shopping for a stand-alone treatment or a daily dosage of goodness, face masks are something that need to be featured within your skin care routine. Our diverse face mask range has you covered for a guaranteed 10 minutes of relaxation with working results. Ideal for those wishing to recreate their last salon facial, our selection of sheet, clay, cream, gel, bubble and peel-off masks deliver post-spa results for an instant glow up.

woman with green face mask and towel on her head

Do face masks help your skin?

Yes, face masks are great way to help improve the appearance and health of your skin. Whether you're searching for a super hydrating formula or an acne-busting solution, there's a face mask for every skin concern, skin type and skin benefit. By adding them into your weekly skincare routine you can start to see big differences in your complexion.

Face masks are the perfect way to nourish sensitive skin, boost moisture, remove impurities on the surface layer of skin and reduce the appearance of pores. The process of applying a face mask can also be super relaxing and the best way to treat yourself to an at-home pamper session. Browse our wide variety of face masks today to find the best fit for your regime.

woman smiling with face wash on

Do I wash my face before or after a face mask?

We recommend cleansing your face before you apply a face mask. Use a gentle cleanser to remove excess dirt, makeup and impurities so your chosen face mask can fully absorb into the skin. Unless stated otherwise on individual products, apply the face mask to dry skin and sit back and relax while it gets to work.

Some products need to be on the skin for different lengths of time, whether it's a charcoal face mask, bubble mask or even a sheet mask. Make sure you read the instructions to see how long you need to keep it on for. Then either rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry or remove and massage the remaining product into the skin.

Is it OK to do a face mask every day?

We suggest only doing one to two face masks a week. You don't want to overload your skin with harsh ingredients, whether it's with exfoliating properties or detoxifying formulas. Instead, incorporate a face mask when your complexion needs an extra boost, or you want to prepare for a special event.

Hydrating masks can be gentle on the skin, so you can use them more frequently such as three to four times a week. This includes gel masks, face sheet masks and super hydrating eye patches. Use after cleansing to quench your skins' thirst and add some radiance back into your routine. These types of mask are also perfect in the morning to give your skin a pep before you head off to work.

woman wearing under eye patches

What are the best face masks for your skin?

Find the best face masks for every skin type here at Cosmetify, from eye patches to peel off masks and sheets to mud masks. We have a wide selection of top high-end skincare brands, including Summer Fridays, Glow Recipe, Sisley, Dr. Barabara Sturm and MZ Skin. Not to mention our range of affordable high-street brands like Saturday Skin, Wishful, Garnier and NIP+FAB. Whatever your skin concern, there's a face mask to solve all your skincare woes.

We have anti-aging, anti-pollution and hydration solutions for all skin types. These face masks are all made with nourishing, rejuvenating properties. To find the best face mask for your skin, use our drop-down filters to refine your browsing. Search by ingredient preference to find vegan-friendly formulas and sort by price to find purse-friendly products.

For specific recommendations from the Cosmetify team, you can take a look at our product round ups on the Beauty Hub, including the best face masks for dry skin, the best face masks for sensitive skin and the best face masks for blackheads.

Skin Supplements

Give your skin a fighting chance with a little extra help from science and Mother Nature. Here you can find a range of tailored supplements that help to promote a healthy complexion from the inside out. Shop today to show some support for your skin with brands like IOMA and Perricone MD.

It’s time to treat things from the inside out and pick up from where your favorite night cream left off. Our collection of skin supplements helps all skin types to maintain a healthy complexion, ensuring that all areas are covered. By keeping your vitamin and mineral levels up, your skin is able to perform at its best and leave you with a vibrant and healthy-looking visage.

Do skin supplements actually work?

Yes. There is boundless proof that supplements work, and they work just as effectively as any other skin care options. Of course, you shouldn't replace medicine with supplements if you're feeling unwell, however, they're the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle and help maintain the health and wellbeing of your body.

Supplements are drenched in active, nourishing ingredients that your skin and body loves. They're also usually made from organic and natural materials, which aides the body's healing process. Ingredients such as omega oils, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid - all ingredients which are proven to have hugely positive effects on your skin.

Such is the growing demand for skin care supplements, many brands are competing to produce the most effective and beneficial tablets. Respected brands such as The Organic Pharmacy and Perricone MD include superfoods and active ingredients which are proven to help your body improve its strength and general health.

Do skin supplements stimulate <a href=collagen production?">

Do skin supplements stimulate collagen production?

If you're big on Instagram or you're always up to date with the latest celebrity news and fads, you'll have heard plenty of the benefits of collagen. It's the go-to ingredient at the moment, but is there any substance behind the hype? In a word, yes. Kylie Jenner and Gwyneth Paltrow have been notable advocates of collagen supplements, and consequently there are numerous brands meeting the increasing demand.

So why is collagen so sought after? It can offer unrivaled benefits to your skin, increasing its elasticity, slowing down the aging process and providing hydration. It keeps your complexion looking fresh, clear and smooth, without any known side effects. The body utilizes the amino acids in collagen to repair the skin, improve elasticity and add moisture to dry areas.

It is worth noting that just digesting collagen supplements alone isn't enough to provide a flawless complexion. The supplements work best with a healthy, clean diet and an active lifestyle, otherwise their effect won't be anywhere near as notable. Take a supplement with a healthy meal to fully enjoy the benefits and aid its healing process.

Which supplements are best for dry skin?

Which supplements are best for dry skin?

Dry skin can be one of the toughest skin care issues to address, and supplements are one of the most effective ways of dealing with them.For those suffering with dry skin, we recommend supplements rich in Vitamin D and C to help produce hydration, moisture and elasticity in the skin. Alongside vitamins, hyaluronic acid is one of the best ingredients at tackling dry areas, instantly adding hydration to any dull areas.

We also suggest supplements rich in collagen, which is known for its hydration properties. Clinical studies have proven that collagen adds elasticity to the skin and adds moisture to dry areas, producing a fresh and bright complexion.

Supplements are a category of skin care, but they're also closely linked to your diet too. To maximize their effect, you need to maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle to notice the tangible effects on your skin. Taking a supplement with a healthy meal is an easy and effective way of making sure you're getting the best out of them.

What are the best supplements for my skin?

What are the best supplements for my skin?

Skin supplements are a growing force in skin care, and with good reason. Their primary attraction is how convenient it is to inject them into your daily routine; as opposed to implementing a rigorous skin care routine, you can just take a supplement once or twice a day and feel the benefits. Perfect for those of you who are always on the move and lead busy, active lifestyles, supplements can fit seamlessly into your gym bag, handbag or travel bag, and take a few seconds to digest.

Which supplements you need are dependent on your skin type. If you're someone who suffers from sensitive skin, then supplements rich in Vitamin D are best suited to target any problem areas. Conversely, if you're always struggling with aches and pains, whether it's in your joints or your muscles, supplements containing omega oils help reduce any pain and inflammation.

There are a wide variety of supplements, each one tailored to a specific concern. Get infusions of protein or prevent the aging process, whichever one suits your body and lifestyle. KIKI Health are one of the best brands to explore if you're new to supplements; they offer organic supplements with nourishing ingredients, made for a range of purposes.

Which vitamins are best for your skin?

Pretty much everyone knows about the wonders of Vitamin C, and if you don't, it's time you began treating your skin to its endless benefits. Whether it's in a lotion, serum or in this case, a supplement, Vitamin C produces a tangible difference to your skin in just a few weeks. What makes it so powerful? Firstly, it's rich in antioxidants, which keeps the skin looking and feeling healthy. It enhances the effect of sun cream, keeping your skin smooth and protected, as well as negating the aging process. Basically, if you want to maintain a healthy, youthful complexion, Vitamin C is the answer.

Alongside Vitamin C, Vitamin E also aides the protective layer of sun cream. It absorbs the harmful UV rays from the sun, thus minimizing any damage. It's moisturizing qualities also make it adept at treating dry and patchy skin, providing a conditioned level of natural oils to keep your skin hydrated.

If you're prone to breakouts of acne or psoriasis, Vitamin D is one of the most potent ingredients at tackling the issue. It plays a vital role in maintaining your skin tone and is best suited to those with sensitive skin. Vitamin K also helps keep the body looking healthy, especially if you've had any wounds or bruises. Its healing properties help wounds, bruises or swelling to heal, as well as aiding the blood flow around the body. For pregnant women, Vitamin K targets stretch marks and restores the skin to it's optimum level of health.

If you need more information, just have a read of our guide to the best supplements for skin care.

Lip Care

Browse amongst some of the most-loved lip care items to add to your skin care routine. Chapped lips are one of those unavoidable things that can slowly chip away at your confidence. Fight back with a remedy that actually works. From balms to oils and treatments to scrubs, there’s something for every pout.

natural lip balms on wooden table

How can I take care of my lips naturally?

When searching for nourishing, natural lip care solutions look out for nutrient and vitamin-rich products. These formulas will help keep your pout in tip top condition all day long, preventing dry, chapped and irritated lips. Some star natural ingredients to soothe and smooth lips include, sugar, vitamin E, aloe vera, natural oils and shea butter.

If you don't fancy creating your own elixir, we have wide selection of natural lip care products here at Cosmetify. Simply refine your search by ingredient preference to find natural, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and nasty-free formulas. Discover brands such as Burt's Bees, Dr Hauschka, Weleda and The Organic Pharmacy.

What are the best lip care products?

At Cosmetify, we have huge array of nourishing, hydrating and protective lip care products for you to peruse. From tinted lip balms to lip treatments and lip oils to lip scrubs, there's a product to suit every type of routine. Lip salves are perfect for everyday top ups, while conditioning treatments help soothe any dryness or irritations.

Simply refine your search using our handy drop-down filters, such as skin benefit, SPF, ingredient preference, format and brand. With plenty to choose from, discover must-have products from leading brands like Nuxe, REN, Florence by Mills, Mac and Kiehl's. You can also refine your search to find the best cruelty-free and vegan-friendly solutions for your lip care collection.

What can I put on my lips at night?

Your skin can lose moisture throughout the night, that's why it's crucial to heal, protect and nourish your lips with the perfect lip treatment. Start by cleaning your lips with makeup remover to get rid of any lipstick or impurities. Then exfoliate your pout with a lip scrub to remove any dead skin cells or dry patches. Rinse this off with lukewarm water and pat dry. To finish your lip care, apply a moisturizing treatment, whether it's a lip mask, lip oil or lip balm.

This boost of hydration nourishes your lips as you sleep, so in the morning you're left with a soft, supple pout. Browse our collection to find the best overnight lip care products for your evening routine.

Woman applying lip balm

How can I take care of my lips?

Whether it's makeup, the weather or even aging our lips go through a lot in our lifetime. That's why it's important to take care of them daily, especially if you suffer from dry, cracked or bleeding lips. To keep them healthy and smooth, you can add a lip scrub in your lip care routine. This is perfect for removing dead skin cells, while lip balms, lip butters, lip oils and lip treatments keep them soft, moisturized and oh-so-kissable.

Following a healthy diet with plenty of vitamins and nutrients, staying hydrated with lots of water and removing makeup properly are also great ways to ensure your skin and lips remain healthy, as well as lip balms with SPF.

Tools & Accessories

Sure, you’ve got all of the formulations covered, but what about the tools to apply them? Here you can find all the gizmos and gadgets that will enhance the application of your products, allowing you to optimize your skin care routine. From Slip Silk pillow cases to Tweezerman, you can discover your next beauty must-have.

How do you wash a silk pillowcase?

It's important you regularly wash your silk pillowcase to help you achieve all the skin care and hair care benefits of using one in the first place. However, as it's silk you need to read the instructions on the individual product and ensure you wash your pillowcase gently to avoid any stains or damages.

We suggest either hand washing or placing your silk inside a laundry bag and cleaning on a delicate wash. Spot treat any stains and use only mild laundry soaps and detergents to clean your bedding. If not, harsh cleaning agents can harden the silk.

Tools for removing acne top view on pink background

How do you use a blackhead remover tool?

The key to using a blackhead remover tool is to be extra gentle, as you don't want to cause any damage or scarring to the skin. We recommend you closely follow the individual instructions on the product to understand how to use specific tools.

However, make sure you prep you skin by cleansing thoroughly to remove any traces of dirt or makeup. This also helps open up the pores to make it easier to remove blackheads. Afterwards, hold the skin taut and place the tip of the tool gently on the skin. Then press down lightly to remove the blackhead and roll the tool away to lift off the skin.

Silk pillows in blue and pink

What does a silk pillowcase do?

Loved by beauty editors, A-listers and influencers alike, silk pillowcases are an industry skin care and hair care favorite. They are gentle on the skin and prevent fine lines, wrinkles and creases, whereas cotton material increases the friction between pillow and your complexion. Better still, silk pillowcases don't absorb moisture, so they allow your skin care products to absorb deeply into the skin as you sleep. This can also prevent pesky breakouts and redness.

The benefits don't stop there, they also help you avoid the dreaded bedhead in the morning due to the lack of friction. This means you can wave goodbye to breakages and split ends.

Want to give it a go? Discover the beauty of the silky, smooth pillowcase, here at Cosmetify.

Close up side view portrait of woman massaging her cheek with massage roller

How do you use a face massager?

Face massagers come in all shapes and sizes to help lift, tone and take care of your skin. The first step is cleansing away any impurities. Then apply your favorite serum or moisturizer across your face. Next, take your massaging tool, whether electrical or manual, and start to work the product into the skin. Gently roll upwards across the jawlines, the cheeks and the forehead. Be careful around the delicate eye area.

Some electric massage devices have different intensities so you can choose which level to use across your skin. Others are set to a timer to make sure you don't go get overzealous. Remember to be gentle when massaging your face so you don't pull or tug at the skin.

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