Spoolies are the underrated makeup tool that can change your entire look in an instant. Check out this guide to spoolies for further reading.

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Spoolie Brush

We promise you, you'll never look back once you incorporate one into your beauty routine.

A spoolie brush packs many talents. It can be used to brush out brows, look after lashes (especially lash extensions) and manage makeup product overload. It's nothing but a disaster-saving tool that'll keep you looking prim and proper.

Even on the worst makeup days, a spoolie can come to the rescue. If you've overdone it with mascara or brow gel and ended up with thick and clumpy-looking makeup, a spoolie can take away the excess and put your look back on track. If your eye makeup has smudged and you haven't got time for a re-do, a clean spoolie brush can solve the problem with just a few strokes. If your brow hairs are misbehaving, you can always count on a spoolie to comb, blend and shape them back into place.

So, wipe away those panicked beads of sweat and those stress tears and snap yourself up a spoolie. Shop through our range to find the perfect one for you from brands like Benefit, Urban Decay, Lottie London and Laura Mercier.

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