Being By Sanctuary Spa

Being By Sanctuary Spa

Everyone enjoys a good love story, especially when that love story results in you looking your beautiful best. The lavish and sensual body care range from Being By Sanctuary Spa was launched in 1988, however, the magic began much earlier than that; when a man was so overcome with love for his wife, he opened a spa just for her to relax, becoming a famous spot in the area. The rest, as they say, is history.

Unfortunately the spa has now been closed, however, as opposed to heading to the spa for the luxury treatment, you can bring the sensual and serene experience to your home with the collection of decadent products.

The brand does it’s best to make women look beautiful, but their work doesn’t stop with their luxurious products; they support Wellbeing of Women charity to promote good health for women in body and mind.

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