BaByliss PRO

BaByliss PRO

The creative maestros behind BaByliss Pro first set out on their mission to inspire creativity over fifty years ago. Since then, professional hairdressers the world over have seen the brand’s highly innovative tools allow them to scale new artistic heights.

Each individual item balances invention with precision and reliability, adhering to the ethos that saw the company first invent the curling iron, and then continue to blaze a trail from catwalk to salon to high street. It goes without saying that, for a salon-quality finish, you need salon-quality tools.

By putting some of the finest styling equipment in the hands of some of hairdressing’s finest minds, BaByliss Pro has played an integral part in bringing some of the most striking and highly original looks to the fashion world. With this excellent selection, you too can aspire to the high glamour and timeless elegance of such looks, whether you’re looking to supply a professional salon or else refine your at-home styling.

Choose exceptional performance, a premium new aesthetic and gorgeous results.

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