White Hot

White Hot

As grey and silver became aspirational colours in clothing, interior designs and beauty, the award-winning White Hot brand decided to create a collection of six haircare products for people sporting these hair colours.

This British company was founded by Jayne Mayled, who wanted others to embrace the feeling of maturing in age. The brand is driven by Jayne’s words that “grey and white hair is a stylish colour choice, just like any other,” and won’t rest until mature consumers are confidently rocking their natural grey hair.

Just like other stylish colours, grey, white and silver have their own little quirks too. Not only do White Hot’s products work wonders for these shades but they smell divine too, killing two birds with one stone.

The formulations in these nifty products contain carefully chosen ingredients that smoothen and brighten your tresses in no time. Add oomph and definition to your hair with bestsellers like White Hot Lifeshine Oil or White Hot Shooshing Crème to get started.

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