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It's becoming increasingly well-known that just brushing your teeth isn't enough to maintain excellent oral hygiene. Whilst having the right toothbrush, toothpaste and cleaning routine is pivotal, flossing between your teeth is the secret key to showing off a gorgeous set of pearly whites.

Waterpik are a pioneering brand who've created the next must-have item in your bathroom - the water flosser. Dentists have been telling us to floss for decades, but many of us don't because it's too time-consuming, tiresome and forgettable. However, the water flosser has completely revolutionised the market.

Waterpik's hero product transforms flossing your teeth from a monotonous chore to something you actually enjoy. The gentle sensation of the water between your teeth creates a pleasant feeling, and one you can enjoy for around a minute before the effective task is completed. The innovative brand have products tailored to thoroughly clean, whiten your teeth and improve the overall heath of your mouth and gums.

Add Waterpik to your toothbrushing selection to prevent gum disease, have minty fresh breath and showcase stunning white teeth.

Why We Like Waterpik

"Waterpik have revolutionised the flossing experience. It used to be a monotonous task that no-one enjoyed, and now it's your favourite park of the teeth cleaning process. Their portable, stylish and effective water flossers are more efficient at flossing, improve the health of your gums and provide a cool sensation on your teeth - what's not to love?"

Luke Chapman

Written by Luke Chapman, Content Writer

Where can you buy Waterpik products in the UK?

Products by Waterpik are sold in the UK at leading, well-known online retailers, such as Boots.

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