UTAN & Tone

UTAN & Tone

Get an immaculate tan with the UK’s leading tan innovators who have specially designed, revolutionary products to leave you looking like the divine, glowing goddess you are.

UTAN & Tone was founded by Rebecca Mone, the 25-year-old entrepreneur created the Coconut Tanning Water in her kitchen and this water mist is now a three-time award-winning product that's super lightweight, refreshing and oh-so-versatile. You can use it to prime to get a glow under your makeup, set over your makeup or just spritz onto clean dry skin for a delicate glow. And it’s even buildable!

Plus, this tanning brand is super creative with the first ever edible vegan tanning gummies that will improve the appearance and longevity of your tan – this will be the best pre-holiday essential if you want to get that beautiful, tanned beach babe look. And these special gummies are enriched with vitamins whilst being stronger and more effective than any other tanning supplements on the market, which is pretty amazing right?

What’s more, UTAN & Tone uses only organic DHA and quality cruelty-free skincare ingredients and most of the UTAN range is now completely vegan. So let UTAN and Tone help you achieve the perfect summer tan with their kind, innovative, divine smelling, tanning products.

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