The Portuguese word Teadora translates to ‘adores you’ in English, a sentiment that’s at the heart of everything this efficient, big-hearted brand does. By utilising the unique potency of Amazonian ingredients – and extracting them according to sustainable practices – the company is able to offer formulas that are kind to your body, your senses and the world itself.

Founder Val is a Brazilian born and raised, adopted when one-day-old by a woman devoted to rainforest conversation. This upbringing taught her the power of both natural remedies and the unique nature of the Amazon itself. Later, when working in the tech industry, she met her partner Tom, who was also a practising massage therapist. Teodora is, therefore, the culmination of several different passions, as the couple work to offer the world a line of economical and effective personal care formulas.

What’s more, the brand has also committed itself to the ethical goal of replanting 1 million trees and preserving 75, 000 acres of rainforest.

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