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Embrace the Sugarpill Cosmetics line up of eyeshadows, false eyelashes, lip glosses & stains plus others across the spectrum. Make sure that you create an alert so that you don't miss out on their offers and sales.

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Sugarpill Cosmetics

Sugarpill was born back in 2010 by fellow creative and entrepreneur, Amy Doan.

The brand are known and loved for their unapologetically loud palettes that utilise pretty much every single colour under the sun – if you can imagine it, they've created it. Sugarpill encourages men and women everywhere to get creative with their style, providing the tools to explore limitless self-expression.

Amy's dream started back in 2003, when she found herself frustrated at the beauty industry's 'tame' nature which focused on concealing flaws and keeping things looking natural. Blending in was not something Amy wished to do. So, Amy teamed her creativity and inspiration together to develop her own unique brand of cosmetics, one that tailored to the beauty rebels that longed to stand out from the crowd.

Today, Sugarpill sells out worldwide and boast endless ranges of cruelty-free makeup must-haves. Shop amongst false vegan lashes, lip glosses, palettes and mascaras for your loudest look yet.

Why We Like Sugarpill Cosmetics

"When it comes to nailing our Ibiza and festival-themed looks, we head straight towards Sugarpill Cosmetics for lashing of shimmer, colour and inspiration. Adored for their use of high-shine pigments and neon colours, Sugarpill are the go-to cruelty-free beauty brand that has us lusting after new and exciting looks. Sure, their palettes may be a little bold for some, but they make the perfect tool for exploring your creativity."

Ellie Child, Content Editor

Where are Sugarpill Cosmetics products sold in the UK?

Sugarpill Cosmetics products can be bought online in the UK from Beauty Bay.

Whether you’re looking for eyeshadows, false eyelashes, lip glosses & stains plus lots more, Cosmetify is here to help you find where they are being sold for the lowest price.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sugarpill Cosmetics

Sugarpill Cosmetics claims to be cruelty-free, but what does that mean?

Sugarpill Cosmetics are a cruelty-free brand. They never test their products or ingredients on animals.

I only use vegan-friendly products. Is Sugarpill Cosmetics for me?

The Sugarpill Cosmetics range is not entirely vegan-friendly. However, they do have many products for those looking to shop vegan, which you can view on the relevant product pages.

Whereabouts is the Sugarpill Cosmetics range produced?

The products are made in the USA.

  • Cruelty Free
Sugarpill Cosmetics

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