Studio 10 Beauty

Studio 10 Beauty

Change the way you see age and beauty with this self-love promoting brand. STUDIO 10 was created by Grace Fodor as she feared being labelled ‘middle-aged’ and becoming not attractive, invisible and less valued. This made her realise that she did not want to feel that way even it did stem from low self-esteem, she wanted to celebrate her age, wear it proudly and feel truly confident.

So Studio 10 aims to change the face of ageing and encourage every woman to look and feel their most beautiful and confident because beauty doesn’t belong to youth – it’s ageless. When we as women reach a certain age it can feel like the beauty products available to us are more narrow and niche, 74% of us ladies feel that many products and services don’t reflect our needs. But our pro-age beauty is developed 100% by women for women.

This brand is more than skin deep, it’s a movement in which we eliminate the misconceptions of middle-aged because we all deserve to feel beautiful and valued. With a range of nourishing and anti-ageing products, Studio 10 not only wants to make all women feel and look their best but also inspire the next generation to stamp out ageism once and for all. Take the shortcut to flawless skin and get a lit from within glow with the renowned Studio 10.

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