RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty

As a world-famous make-up artist, Rose-Marie Swift is a woman who’s seen which products work, and which fall short. More importantly, her own personal experiences also illuminated the negative effects that continuous application can have on our health.

With work featured in such magazines as Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle, and a portfolio that includes adverts for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Victoria’s Secret, Rose-Marie has enjoyed a fantastic career fulfilling her creative impulses.

Several years ago, however, she started to experience some health issues. Extensive tests showed that her blood contained lead, mercury and other heavy metals, and she was astonished when the technician asked if she worked in the cosmetics industry. She’d had simply no idea that cosmetics could contribute to serious health issues.

Rose-Marie subsequently decided to do everything she could to help women fulfil their beauty aspirations – without sacrificing health and wellbeing. The result was RMS Beauty, an acclaimed line of organic colour cosmetics that fuses all her industry know-how with genuine care and consideration for the body.

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RMS Beauty Tinted "Un" Powder 9g

RMS Beauty RMS Beauty Tinted "Un" Powder 9g

RMS Beauty Defining Mascara Black

RMS Beauty RMS Beauty Defining Mascara Black