The desire and background behind the founder of each brand vary greatly; some were already in the industry and wanted to go solo, some have an innate passion for cosmetics and were determined to make a success and some were experts in other disciplines but later applied their knowledge to skincare. Domenico Ganassini very much falls in the latter category, harnessing his expertise in biochemistry and transferring it into skincare cosmetics.

His venture into cosmetics was arguably the first time the pharmaceutical world merged into the world of skincare – a revolutionary move which has become increasingly commonplace. The company initially focussed on how to reduce the problems with elasticity and stretch marks, particularly for pregnant women.

Rilastil’s primary focus is still around reducing stretch marks, however, they have branched out into many skincare categories, as well as expanding their offices to Barcelona. As the number of branches and range of products continues to grow, so does Rilastil.

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