Red Carpet Manicure

Red Carpet Manicure

Get picture-perfect nails with Red Carpet Manicure, the UK’s number 1 professional DIY home LED gel manicure system that will get you gorgeous nails that are affordable and take a fraction of the time.

They use only the highest quality technology and just like a nail polish, all you need do to achieve the perfect gel nails is brush on the gel colour and let each layer be cured under a LED lamp – simple right?

Red Carpet Manicure is at the forefront of gel nail beauty brands because of their incredible results. And with a plethora of colours to choose from, no matter your mood or the occasion, they will always get your nails photo-ready.

Easy, affordable and simply stunning, you are able to get all the tools needed to create show-stopping gel nails with the world's first at home gel manicure kit. Your nails deserve some TLC and now you don’t need to leave your house to get stronger, high shine, flawless nails.

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