Pommade Divine

Pommade Divine

Introducing, Pommade Divine – nature’s remedy balm that has been a staple household product for generations.

The Pommade Divine story began in the early 1500’s when French monks would use crab apples to create multi-purpose balms. Thanks to their efficiency, the wonder-product soon became popular across the whole of Europe, with each man attempting the recipe for themselves and every retailer bidding for ownership.

In the 1800’s, Butlers and Co won the race to the Pommade Divine rights. With a bit of tweaking and an infusion of unique ingredients from the Far East, it wasn’t long before Pommade Divine became a must-have all over the globe.

For years the brilliant balm reigned the beauty shelves as Butler and Co, but in 2015 the legend was reborn. Now, it boasts its original and classic name - ‘Pommade Divine’ – and rightly so.

Whether you need to meet the needs of dry, sore or damaged skin, relieve irritation or tend to cuts, burns and bites, this is the miracle multi-tasker that delivers a multitude of benefits.

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