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PHB Ethical Beauty

As you may have guessed from their name, PHB Ethical Beauty are passionate about creating ethically sound beauty products that are completely cruelty-free. The morally conscious company was founded in Britain back in 2012, after Rose Brown and her partner John Tierney opened a cosmetics store and became aware of the toxic ingredients that form most beauty products.

The origin behind the acronym PHB gives insight into the brand's core values: standing for Pure Handmade British, it is easy to see what inspires the company to continue on its quest for a healthier beauty industry.

The brand believes that the entire cosmetics industry should be 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and their mission is to revolutionise the way we look after our bodies. They say that Earth provides everything we need for a healthy, happy body – a wholesome statement that's hard not to get behind.

Where can I buy PHB Ethical Beauty products online in the UK?

PHB Ethical Beauty products can be bought online in the UK from Feel Unique and Natural Collection.

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Frequently Asked Questions about PHB Ethical Beauty

When it comes to my cosmetic products, I follow a strictly vegan regime. Are PHB Ethical Beauty 100% vegan-friendly?

The information available tells us that the PHB Ethical Beauty range is entirely vegan-friendly.

Are these products free from questionable ingredients such as Parabens?

PHB Ethical Beauty is a Paraben-free brand (and free from other nasties too!)

Are PHB Ethical Beauty products, formulations or ingredients cruelty-free and not animal-tested?

This brand’s whole line is cruelty-free which means they don’t test their products or formulations on animals.

Is this a fragrance free brand?

None of their products contain synthetic fragrances.

Is alcohol an ingredient in any of their products?

PHB Ethical Beauty use alcohol-free ingredients where possible.

Are there Sulphates in their formulae?

To our knowledge, there are no Sulphates in these products. Check the ingredients list on the relevant product page.

Do they use any silicone in their formulas?

They do have some silicone-free products, which you can find by using our site filters.

Are these products likely to cause an allergic reaction?

Some of the products in the PHB Ethical Beauty range are classed as hypoallergenic (or less likely to cause allergic reactions). These are clearly marked on product pages.

  • Vegan Friendly
  • Natural
  • Paraben Free
  • Cruelty Free
PHB Ethical Beauty

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