Panier des Sens

Panier des Sens

Founded in 2001, Panier des Sens is leading the way in authentic and natural body care products that are inspired, conceived, manufactured all in the South of France.

All the sophisticated cosmetics are developed using natural resources and Mediterranean tradition because founder Jerome Lambruschini was born and raised in the beautiful Marseille in the South of France. It was through his grandfather Jerome distinguished a passion for trees, vegetable gardens and nature, meanwhile his mother imparted in him a love for the earth and perfumes which is how Panier des Sens came to be created.

The range of body care, toiletries and perfumes this brand has to offer have impeccable textures and incredible delicate scents, making them an absolute must-have for those who want to give their skin some TLC.

Besides the luxurious formulas, the beautiful Panier des Sens logo pays tribute to nature with plant motifs and a lively bee – symbolising the soul and spirit of the province and each product.

Panier des Sens focusses on both style and substance; it'll look remarkable on your bathroom shelves and give you impeccable skincare benefits with divine fragrances.

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