O'o Hawaii

O'o Hawaii

O’o Hawaii is the brainchild of Holly Harding, a highly sought-after holistic health and nutrition coach plus food for beauty expert.

Boasting the belief that beauty starts from within, Holly launched O’o Hawaii in a bid to achieve beautiful, glowing, ageless skin through a combination of diet, supplements and skincare.

A true signifier of beauty, O'o Hawaii is not only successful because of results, but because of the how ingredients are sourced and grown.

The brand is Mother Nature's biggest fan and therefore utilises her resources with care and dignity in order to let beauty shine through us like the glow of the sun. In fact, the ocean lifestyle of Hawaii plays a big part within the brand, as organic Hawaii-grown superfoods and incredibly high-performance actives are used within the formulas. Products are even strictly cruelty-free, vegetarian and discouraging of factory farming.

With O’o Hawaii, it's safe to say that you’re not only signing up for a prescription that preserves and protects your skin but one that improves nature too.

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