Onira Organics

Onira Organics

Discover the organic and natural formulations by luxurious haircare brand; Onira Organics. Their unique range of products are each enriched with their bespoke essential oil complex and powerfully potent botanicals, to strengthen, restore and replenish the hair to a healthier condition.

Founded by, Jessica Lemarié-Pires, Onira Organics was created to harness the benefits of utilising naturally sourced ingredients in order to achieve ravishingly radiant locks.

Their all-natural haircare products will repair, restore and revitalise strands whilst freeing the hair from chemicals and toxins, for a stronger and shinier head of hair. From essential shampoos, to the wonderfully nourishing oils, you can indulge in a lavish selection of haircare products, that will do the world of good for your hair.

Onira Organics’ prides itself on creating haircare that is free from both animal testing and chemicals. The nourishing formulations are packed with rejuvenating antioxidants and radical-fighting agents, to provide you with high-class remedies that will deliver instant results, for a beautiful and lustrous look.

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