Latin for the terms “creation” and “birth”, skincare and beauty company Natio embodies purity, nature and cleanliness. Their philosophy of utilising natural goodness runs throughout each and every product line; plant extracts are used to gift your skin with a non-irritable, calming sensation that provides visible results.

This Australian family business spans over four generations during the past 75 years, making them a truly unique and personable company. It was from 1933 that Natio branched out into the cosmetic world and launched their first beauty care range, which was shortly followed by the much-loved colour range. Aiming to spread peace, positivity and tranquillity, the range features simple and gentle treatments that bend to the user’s needs.

Shop amongst a varied collection of makeup, skin and body care that caters to both the needs of men and women. From oil-free moisturisers to rehydrating toners, Natio provides you with natural solutions that combat your skin difficulties.

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