Founded in 2013, Mazorin has worked with dermatologists and industry experts to research the best ingredients to make grooming and skin care a simple and effortless process.

The urban man requires the finest treatments when it comes to skin care and grooming. Daily responsibilities and the pressures of work can cause stress, and he needs to be able to look his best throughout these spells. At the same time, he needs to look suave for those nights out with the lads...and that’s where Mazorin comes into play.

Tailored for the gents living in cities and towns, this brand keeps them looking spic and span, ready to take on the day. Having studied the lifestyle of these men, the brand offers solutions including serums and shaving cream that will work wonders on the skin.

The fast-absorbent Ockham’s Razor Shaving Cream helps guys to quickly and effectively shave, saving precious time during the mornings. Then there’s the Liquid Asset Pre-Meeting Face Re-Vamp, which restores moisture and vitality to a fatigued-looking face.

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