Lottie London Brow Babe

Lottie London Brow Babe
Product Details

Get boss-lady brows with these unique and super cute tweezers by Lottie London Brow Babe.

The humble tweezer has had an upgrade: with a curved body, non-slip grip and angled-tip edges, this beauty tool makes preening a whole lot easier. Soft to touch and pretty to look at, these tweezers are excellent for precision plucking. So get a good grip and really get those small stubborn strands that are a hindrance to your brow game.

Their bright yellow colour means they’re easy to find at the bottom of your beauty bag – so you’ll no longer have to stress during a last-minute plucking panic.

how to use
  1. For an easier grooming session, open your pores by wiping your face with a hot towel
  2. Pluck in the direction of your hair growth for longer lasting, smoother results