Kiss the Moon

Kiss the Moon

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most vital parts to a healthy complexion. Luckily, Kiss the Moon have realised this and have created a host of products specifically made to encourage putting your weary body to rest.

The founder, Jo Foster, struggled with sleep for many years, so she understands better than anyone the need for at least the full eight hours. When we’re living a life full of deadlines, jet lag and long working hours, getting some much needed beauty sleep is essential.

Whilst there may be rival brands that work to improve sleep, Kiss the Moon excel above nearly all of them. Their vast range is comprised of 100% natural ingredients – an impressive statistic considering the market’s demand for efficacy. Their loyal band of customers are aware of the benefits to Kiss the Moon, and fortunately, the industry is also beginning to take note – the brand won five awards in the 2018 beauty awards.

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