Karin Herzog

Karin Herzog

There aren’t many beauty brands that can trace their origins to a professor acclaimed as Doctor Honoris Causa by the Nobel Institute – but Karin Herzog is one.

The distinguished Swiss researcher Dr Paul Herzog devoted his life to studying the benefits of oxygen on the human body. Like many before him, he wrestled with the problem of stabilising molecules in an emulsion, so that users could easily enjoy its extraordinary healing properties.

In 1974, after years of intensive research, Dr Herzog revealed his ground-breaking formula: not only could an oxygen molecule be stabilised, it could also be released upon contact with the skin and so inject deep below the dermis.

Motivated by a desire to share this discovery with the world, the doctor named the collection for his wife, Karin, a trained aesthetician who then assumed leadership of the brand that bore her name. Having wowed clients at their first institute on the shores of Lake Geneva, the couple took their ‘miraculous’ treatments to an international audience, and have since become a valued authority in global skin care.

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