Ila Spa

Ila Spa

Inspired by the peaceful nature of Mother Earth, Ila Spa is a leading luxury brand that boasts the very best in herbal and botanical treatments.

Diving deep into a world of meditation, harmony and sacredness, founder Denise Leicester wanted to build a brand that depicted what it meant to be at one with your mind and body. Every product that is made at Ila Spa is intended to nurture way beyond the skin’s surface – Denise wants it to nurture your mind and soul too.

Using all-natural ingredients, minimal processing methods and traditional farming practices from villages across the world, Ila Spa creates each scrub, mask, moisturiser and candle with love and ethical integrity.

You’ll only find the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients in every product – with 38 delicate petals used in just one drop of oil.

Indulge all of your senses, relax and find your inner peace with this delightful and extremely decadent product line by Ila Spa.

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