Elizabeth and James

Elizabeth and James

Onetime child actors Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen had become notable faces in the fashion world long before they launched Elizabeth and James in the autumn of 2007. Having already enjoyed success developing clothing lines, the duo designed the lifestyle brand to encompass women’s apparel, jewellery and fragrance. Central to this decision was the idea of giving women the opportunity to define their own unique style, juxtaposing an effortless approach with an infusion of playfulness.

Essentially, Elizabeth and James is about balance. If this were not already apparent in a name that counterpoints the masculine with the feminine, then a perusal of the fragrance collection presses the point. Integral to each perfume is an attempt to represent happiness in its ultimate state. This can take many forms, ranging from the intoxicating sensuality of Nirvana Bourbon to the refined secrecy of Nirvana Rose, to the fresh bouquet of lavender that characterises Nirvana French Grey.

For a long time only available in the US, these gorgeous fragrances hold something very special in each chic bottle.

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