Coryse Salome

Coryse Salome

It may be a mouthful to say but the way Coryse Salome products work is pretty simple. From Paris to your bathroom cabinet, these creams, gels and lotions are here to renew and replenish your skin like never before.

Each of these innovative products works to improve your cell-regeneration process which, in turn, boosts your skin’s overall health. Put simply, it’s like your skin’s metabolism getting a kick up the derrière. Whether you’re looking to target your lips, hands, face, neck or whole body, the Coryse Salome collection has everything you need to smooth, firm and contour your skin.

Achieve long-lasting radiance and youthfulness with thanks to this stellar line-up of skin care. And it’s all right here, at your fingertips, just a mere click away.

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