Aroma Works

Aroma Works

Going vegan doesn’t just stop at the diet. Clothing products, beauty products and fashion accessories are made from animals, so it’s handy that companies like Aroma Works make the transition that little bit easier.

They aspire to make the entirety of their selection 100% cruelty-free and vegan, so you can use the natural ingredients that comprise these invigorating products completely guilt-free. The founder of the successful brand, Jane Hibbert, has proved that the use of synthetic ingredients are unnecessary; instead the use of organic and pure components create a healthy formula.

The entire company is passionate about the positive effects of aromatherapy, and the respect and admiration their ethics achieve suggest they’re going about it the right way. Living life in a natural way will always garner a happy outlook – if you feel great about your choices then it will radiate from you like sunshine.

AromaWorks have a great selection of essential oils, which are perfect for use whilst steaming to detox the skin, treating skin conditions and soothing muscle inflammation.

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