Utilising the power of colloidal silver, this brand has created a highly effective skincare range that heals infections and keeps skin spotless.

The journey began when the founder Joy Isaac relied on the colloidal silver spray to treat scratches, burns and infections whilst growing up in South Africa. When her sister showed signs of acne, it was colloidal silver that came to the rescue again, helping to keep her sister’s skin blemish free.

During a major surgery, in 2010, Joy’s surgeon used silver infused wound dressings for a successful operation. To put simply, colloidal silver has been Joy’s guardian angel.

Today, whilst using ground-breaking science, the brand has created face and body treatments like the l'etoile infinie Enhancing Face Oil which improves complexion and keeps the skin velvety soft.

The active ingredient used in these formulas is silver hydrosol, a branch of colloidal silver – which regulates skin the skin flora with its anti-bacterial properties. This wonder worker also helps to improve fine lines and the overall texture of the skin, making the brand’s products one of a kind.

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