Product Details

Introducing Anthony THE PERFECT SHAVE, a kit consisting of the finest pre-shaving and post-shaving products from a brand that understands the needs of a man. Selected to help you get the best out of your shaving experience, these products will see you through close, comfortable shaves whilst looking after your skin.

Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser 237ml: Ideal for those with oily skin, this cleanser removes impurities and prevents breakouts. Rich in vitamins and soothing ingredients like aloe vera, your skin will be ready for a neat shave from the get-go.

Anthony Pre-Shave Oil 59ml: If you have a medium or thick, bushy beard, this oil will work wonders. It softens and lifts facial hair in order for you to get a close, comfortable shave. What’s more, it prevents those dreaded ingrown hairs whilst keeping your pores clear.

Anthony Shave Cream 177ml: Lubrication is important for a smooth shave. This nifty cream spreads onto your skin, allowing the blades from a razor to gently glide across your skin. This prevents cuts and razor burns, leaving you with a smooth, flawless face.

Anthony After Shave Balm 90ml: Rounding off your shaving experience is this soothing balm. It reduces irritation, redness and other frustrating skin concerns that come with shaving. Not only does it calm your skin, it also nourishes and hydrates it, getting you ready for the day ahead.

how to use
  1. Cleanse face
  2. Massage Pre-Shave Oil into the area to be shaved
  3. Follow with Shave Cream
  4. Shave and rinse
  5. Apply After Shave Balm