Pencil, Powder or Pomade? A Guide to the Best Eyebrow Products

By Carly Cochrane - 1 year ago | Updated
the best brow products

We’ve said hello and waved goodbye to a variety of eyebrow trends over the last couple of years, from the Cara Delevingne-inspired bushy brows to ombre brows and the most recently favoured soap brows. With no signs of the brow obsession slowing down, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to put together a complete guide to the best brow makeup, so that you can keep your arches full, shaped, defined and Insta-ready.

From brow gels to pencils, powders and pomades, it's time to discover your new go-to brow product.

Eyebrow Gels

What is brow gel for?

Brow gel is the perfect makeup tool to help lock your eyebrow hairs in place. Not only does it help secure your look, but it can also add colour and thickness to sparse arches. This is the best and easiest way to achieve effortless brow shape and definition.

Brow gels come in all shapes, sizes and colours to suit your routine. From tiny spoolies to reach the smaller hairs to larger mascara wands to apply colour easily, there's a brow gel to suit every beauty lover.

How do you gel eyebrows?

Applying gel to your eyebrows is a super easy, fuss-free process. Simply use the spoolie brush to groom your brow hairs upwards and outwards. Work from root to tip to coat each part of your eyebrow evenly. Use short strokes and apply multiple layers of brow gel to extra sparse areas.

How long does eyebrow gel last?

How long your eyebrow gels lasts all depends on the type of gel you choose. Different brands promise different benefits. Most everyday eyebrow gels will last all day long and can be easily removed with your usual makeup remover and cleanser. However, at home tattoo eyebrow gels may last a couple of days – perfect for big events or special occasions.

What is tinted brow gel?

A tinted brow gel is a formula which contains colour pigments. They help add definition to your arches and fill any sparse gaps in the tip or tail of your brow. Tinted gels create natural-looking definition and can be an easy way to groom and tame unruly brows.

Benefit Gimme Brow - Mini-Size: Cool Grey

Benefit Gimme Brow

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Milk Makeup KUSH Clear Brow Gel

Milk Makeup KUSH Clear Brow Gel


NYX Professional Makeup The Brow Glue

Brow Pomade

What is brow pomade?

A brow pomade is one of the many makeup products you can use to sculpt and define your eyebrows.

It's a cream-based formula that's typically housed in a small, pocket-sized pot. Brow pomades are specially designed to supply concentrated colour, making them great for mimicking natural hairs, filling in sparse areas and defining the shape of your brow.

Whether you prefer a dramatic, defined look or a natural style that has a subtle hold, brow pomades are great option.

How do you use brow pomade?

Anyone can use a brow pomade and application is super easy.

First, you're going to want to get yourself an angled brow brush with short, stiff bristles. Dip the brush into the pomade and tap off any excess product on the back of your hand.

Using short, light strokes, start at the centre of your brow and draw individual hairs. Continue doing this towards the tails of your brows, filling in any sparse areas. For a natural look, try and create an ombre effect, where the centre of your brows is lighter than the arches and tail. If you like a statement brow, simply apply more pressure when mimicking hair strokes.

Take a spoolie brush and gently brush through the product to blend it with your natural hairs for an authentic finish.

Should I use a brow pomade or brow gel?

Brow pomades and brow gels are both great products that help to define and shape your eyebrows. While they may sound similar, they can provide very different results.

Brow pomades are the ideal option if your brows are very sparse. The creamy, wax-like formula makes it easier to mimic individual hairs and achieve your desired look, whether it be natural or bold. Not to mention, pomades can be touched up throughout the day as they offer a subtle hold that doesn't flatten hairs.

On the other hand, brow gels are the quickest and easiest way to swipe colour and volume through brows. Dubbed as the 'lightweight hairspray' for eyebrows, they're the best for taming unruly hairs and giving them a strong hold.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade


Illamasqua Precision Brow Gel

Morphe Brow Cream

Brow Powder

What is eyebrow powder?

Eyebrow powder is a popular makeup product that is used to fill in sparse areas and give eyebrows shape and definition. They are pressed pigments that are typically housed in compacts or palettes, making them great for when you are on the go.

Whether you have blonde, brunette or dark hair, eyebrow powders usually offer multiple shades that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect natural finish. Brow powders can be used before after brow waxes and before gels, as they provide a softer finish that is easy to layer.

If you are new to the world of brow products, an eyebrow powder is the ideal formula to start with.

How do you fill in eyebrows using powder?

First, ensure that you have brushed brow hairs outward and upward with a spoolie. Applying a brow wax beforehand is optional, however it does make a great base and gives the brow powder some grip.

When applying brow powder, be sure to pick a shade that is one to two shades lighter than your hair colour, especially if you desire a natural look (the oils on your skin will darken the colour once applied). Using a small, dense angled brush, apply the powder along the bottom line of your eyebrows, starting from the front and working your way to the tail. Apply a softer line to the top of your eyebrow, starting from the inside and working out to the arch and tail. Now, fill in the middle and any sparse areas using light, hair-like strokes and blend together the two lines.

To finish, run a spoolie through your brows to ensure that harsh lines are smoothed, and the powder is evenly dispensed.

Sigma Beauty Colour + Shape Brow Powder Duo

Sigma Beauty Colour + Shape Brow Powder Duo

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Laura Mercier Sketch & Intensify Pomade & Powder Brow Duo

Laura Mercier Sketch & Intensify Pomade & Powder Brow Duo


Bobbi Brown Brow Kit

Eyebrow Pencil

What are brow pencils?

Brow pencils are easy-to-use tools which help you create thicker, fuller, more defined eyebrows. Shaped like your typical HB pencil from school, these tools are the perfect cheat sheet for people who aren't blessed with bushy brows.

The pencil itself gives you precise control and allows you to create hair-like strokes, which can be harder with other formulas. Other times, brow pencils are the first step in a routine, followed by brow powders, pomades and gels.

Why use brow pencils?

Pencils are one of the easiest brow products to use. From HD eyebrow pencils to soft kohl formulas, there's something to suit every routine. They are great for beginners, but also for pro beauty lovers who want to jump on the bushy brow trend. With this tool, you're in charge of the pressure, which means you can create the shape you want.

How to use eyebrow pencils?

Firstly, you need to find the right shade to match your natural hairs. Sometimes this could mean applying two different shades of a pencil to create dimension. Then, using a spoolie, brush your brows to reveal your natural shape.

It's then time to use the pencil in short strokes. Start at the end of the brow and work your way inwards. Then apply the pencil in swift movements to fill in any sparse patches. Make sure to concentrate the product mostly on the arch of your brow and use less pressure at the front. This helps create the most natural finish.

Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil

Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil

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Fenty Beauty Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow

Fenty Beauty Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow

£15.30 £18.00 (15% off)
Charlotte Tilbury Brow Cheat

Charlotte Tilbury Brow Cheat


Eyebrow Palettes

What are brow palettes?

Brow palettes are your fast track to perfected eyebrows. Arriving in all shapes and sizes, eyebrow palettes consist of a variety of powder, gel, cream and wax formulas that can be mixed and matched to create shape, definition and volume.

Each palette offers a selection of shades, often ranging from light to dark so that every hair colour and skin tone is catered for. Many include a highlighting shade too, which can be used as the perfect finishing touch as it accentuates your brow bone. Some brow palettes are equipped with angled brow brushes or spoolies, so applying formulas and brushing through colour is made all the easier.

Ticking all the boxes, eyebrow palettes are nothing but a staple for your makeup collection. They even make a great travel essential, as all your tools are housed in one easy, accessible place.

How to use an eyebrow palette?

Using an eyebrow palette is super simple as all the steps are laid out for you.

Wax, gel and cream-like formulas can be applied to brows with an angled brush to create definition, shape arches and tame unruly hairs.

Powders can then be used to add colour to brows and fill in sparse areas. Simply apply with an angled brush and use a spoolie to achieve a more natural effect. Using lighter shades at the front of your brow and darker shades towards the tail can create the illusion of a gradient, which is perfect if you're striving for a natural look.

Finish off your brow routine by sweeping a highlight shade underneath the brow bone with your fingertip.

Natasha Denona Brow Shadow Palette

Natasha Denona Brow Shadow Palette

HD Brows Eye & Brow Palettes 003 Vamp Palette

HD Brows Eye & Brow Palettes 003 Vamp Palette

Benefit Brow Zings Pro Palette

Benefit Brow Zings Pro Palette


Eyebrow Kits

What are brow kits?

Brow kits are a handy all-in-one solution that help you create the perfect eyebrows for you. From specific tools to varying formulas, each individual kit offers something new. Some brow kits have powders and spoolies, while others have gels and tweezers.

Whether you want perfectly plucked arches or bold, bushy brows, a kit is your new go-to. Not only are they cost effective, as you no longer need to buy individual products, but they are travel friendly as well.

What’s included in an eyebrow kit?

Each brand offers something different and it's up to you choose which one suits you best.

Some kits come with multiple powders to create dimension, definition and drama. Others include a brow highlighter, which make your brows pop. Kits can also have eyebrow gels, a combination of pomades or even multi-use tools.

Handy tools can include an array of brushes, useful spoolies and sometimes even tweezers. Spoolies help tame unruly brows, while tweezers mean you can tackle any rogue hairs. Angled brushes are also great for applying lots of different formulas and are a must-have in any makeup collection.

How to use a brow kit

Again, this all depends on which brow kit you choose, but we recommend following your usual brow routine.

This means if you have tweezers in your kit, first pluck any pesky hairs that are out of place. We then suggest brushing brows up with a spoolie to reveal their natural shape. If your kit includes powders, pomades or pencils, use them to create the outline of your brow.

Once you're happy with the shape and size, fill in any sparse areas using your chosen product. Powders are a great way to add more colour, while pomades help brows stay in place. To define the brow arch, we suggest adding a pop of highlighter underneath the brow bone. Then to complete the look swipe eyebrow gel through your hairs.

Jane Iredale GreatShape Eyebrow Kit

Jane Iredale GreatShape Eyebrow Kit

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Anastasia Beverly Hills #2 Best Brows Ever Brow Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills #2 Best Brows Ever Brow Kit

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Benefit Bigger & Bolder Brows Kit

Eyebrow Treatments

What does eyebrow enhancing serum do?

An eyebrow enhancing serum is a treatment that helps to strengthen brow hairs, boost the growth of follicles and improve the appearance of eyebrow density. Eyebrow enhancing serums can be used by those that experience natural thinning and hair loss or have previously over-plucked eyebrows.

Typically, an eyebrow enhancing serum is formulated with peptides to stimulate healthy hair growth and utilises vitamins such as biotin and panthenol to strengthen hair. Some serums might include amino acids, plant extracts and oils like sweet almond and castor oil in order to condition and protect eyebrow hairs from weakening and falling out.

How do you use brow serum?

Many serums are equipped with a brush or doe foot applicator, making application quick, easy and mess-free. Simply sweep the applicator across the entire brow line, ensuring that sparse areas are coated. You should apply the brow serum daily (or follow the manufacturer instructions) before going to sleep and be consistent with application, especially if you want to achieve visible results. Keep up with regular use, even after you see results, to maintain full, healthy and thick eyebrows.

Eyebrow enhancing serums are super simple to apply and can be used by all skin types. If you have a sensitive eye area, double check your product to see if it is ophthalmologist and dermatologically tested.

How long does it take eyebrow growth serum to work?

Eyebrows generally grow in a three to four month cycle, with regrowth noticeable around the six to eight week mark. If used correctly, eyebrow growth serums can help speed up the process.

Some brow enhancing serums can show results in as little of two weeks, whilst others can take up to two to three months to flourish. Either way, eyebrow enhancing serums are an affordable treatment that can provide noticeable results.

RevitaLash RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner

RevitaLash RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner

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Uklash Eyebrow Serum

Uklash Eyebrow Serum

£33.29 £37.95 (13% off)
Eylure Pro Brow Dybrow

Eylure Pro Brow Dybrow

£7.49 £8.00 (7% off)

Looking to up your brow game that little bit more? Check out How to Get Thicker Eyebrows.

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