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Paco Rabanne Lady Million

This exquisite line mirrors the same core values as the male fragrance, 1 Million, but with a feminine twist. After reaching great heights of success with the male version, the Paco Rabanne brand realised that the fragrance line needed a female counterpart to appease the needs of fiery, dignified women: cue the birth of Paco Rabanne Lady Million.

Paco Rabanne Lady Million embraces what it is to be a woman by emanating an air of radiance, sensuality and confidence. Launched two years after 1 Million, the female fragrance line holds three main scents, all of which mirror the same names and themes from the 1 Million line. Within this collection, you can explore the olfactory experiences of Lady Million, Lady Million Privé and Lady Million Lucky.

Each of the three fragrances contains a unique and varied blend of notes that cater to all personalities and personal tastes. Explore the fresh yet intimate woody aroma of the original Lady Million, or opt for the fruity and oriental accords of Lady Million Privé.

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Why We Like Paco Rabanne Lady Million

"A perfume collection is simply incomplete without the staple Paco Rabanne Lady Million scent. The iconic fragrance has witnessed everything from first dates to nights out and milestone occasions as it forever remains a favourite of ours. With the Lady Million collection now boasting four eau de parfums, we often find ourselves spoilt for choice when it comes to spritzing skin with a sensual scent."

Carly Cochrane, Beauty Editor

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