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Huda Beauty GloWish

Huda Beauty's GloWish range takes a step back from the main collection's signature full-coverage products to provide beauty lovers with a lighter and more natural finish.

Championing natural-looking skin, the GloWish range delivers a selection of lightweight, fuss-free products that wear delicately to enhance the radiance of all skin tones and textures.

Huda Kattan, founder of Huda Beauty, decided to launch this stripped-back collection after realizing that there was a demand for back-to-basics beauty. A global lockdown has pushed beauty lovers to streamline their beauty routines, inspiring Huda to create a selection of products that gravitate towards feel-good, sheer coverage.

Today, the range contains an assortment of skin-enhancing goodies that focus on boosting radiance levels, resulting in a lust-worthy and glowing complexion. This low-maintenance collection is ideal for those that lust after a more natural approach to makeup that allows your skin to breathe, rather than covering it up with full-coverage products.

Why We Like Huda Beauty GloWish

"Breathable makeup that adds a pop of glowy goodness to our skin? We’re sold. Huda’s latest beauty venture has led her to create a range of lightweight and natural-looking cosmetics that allow us to streamline our ‘no makeup’ makeup routines, making GloWish our go-to beauty brand."

Ellie Child

Written by Ellie Child, Content Editor

Where are Huda Beauty GloWish products sold in the UK?

Huda Beauty GloWish can be bought from a number of leading retailers in the UK, such as Asos.

Frequently Asked Questions about Huda Beauty GloWish

Is Huda Beauty GloWish a silicone-free brand?

According to our information, you will not find silicone in any of their products.

Are these products fragrance-free?

The product range is fragrance-free.

Are their products Sulphate free?

There are no sulphates in their product ingredients.

Do their product formulations contain Parabens?

The entire line of Huda Beauty GloWish is paraben free.

Is Huda Beauty GloWish mineral oil-free?

No Huda Beauty GloWish formulas contain mineral oil. They are a mineral oil-free brand.

Do Huda Beauty GloWish products contain animal products or by-products?

All of the Huda Beauty GloWish products showcased on our platform are vegan-friendly, meaning there are no animal derivatives in the formulations.

Is Huda Beauty GloWish a cruelty-free brand?

Huda Beauty GloWish is a cruelty-free brand. To our knowledge it does not test on animals, nor does it ask others to do so on its behalf.

  • SLS Free
  • SLES Free
  • Silicone Free
  • Talc Free

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Huda Beauty GloWish

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