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Bleu de Chanel by CHANEL

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CHANEL Bleu de Chanel

Designed exclusively for men, CHANEL Bleu is an exciting and powerful cologne from one of the most prestigious fashion houses. Released back in 2010, the scent range has since established itself as the go-to aroma for modern-day men everywhere.

Synonymous with class, extravagance and luxury, the scent contains a woody-aromatic composition that ignites the senses and uplifts your mood. The fragrance range contains different intensities that cater to particular occasions, making it a must-have for any man's scent wardrobe. The selection even contains the likes of post-shaving products and aftershave balms to keep skin looking, feeling and smelling its best, with an added splash of finesse.

The scent itself was created by Jacques Polge, who combined the likes of sandalwood, patchouli, mint and jasmine, resulting in a memorable fragrance.

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Where are CHANEL Bleu de Chanel products sold in the UK?

You can get CHANEL Bleu de Chanel products from a number of leading and well-known online retailers in the UK, including The Perfume Shop.

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CHANEL Bleu de Chanel

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