8 Crystal-Infused Skin Products You Need

By Carly Cochrane - 6 months ago | Updated
crystal-infused skin products

Unless you’re an avid crystal collector, you’re probably mostly used to having sapphire, amethyst or rose quartz wrapped round your finger in the form of a Pandora birthstone ring.

But, ICYMI or shall we say, in case you’ve been living under a rock, crystals have recently found their way into skin care, and the world is going crazy for it.

Yep, crystal-infused skin care is the latest beauty trend to go global, with nearly 70k posts on Instagram using the hashtag #jaderoller.

‘Crystals – in the form of face rollers – are becoming more and more popular because of our desire to go back to basics in skincare’ crystal healer and psychic Kim Alexis explains to Refinery29.

And well, she’s not wrong. Crystals have been around for centuries, often used in Ayurvedic practices and best known for their healing powers and energies, so it comes as no surprise that it’s believed when crushed and powdered, gemstones provide incredible skin care benefits.

‘It makes sense for the beauty industry to incorporate the natural, organic feeling of crystals into their products and skincare routines,’ she says. ‘More consumers are shying away from things like chemicals in the products and techniques they use. As well as this, many crystals hold an energy healing vibration which can relax, soothe, uplift and rejuvenate.’

Intrigued? We were too. Here's eight of the best crystal-infused skin care products that you need to try.

1. Själ Saphir Concentrate Anti-Ageing Face Oil

Gem: Himalayan blue sapphires and aquamarines

Själ Saphir Concentrate Anti-Ageing Face Oil

If anyone knows how to do crystal-infused skin care, it’s pioneers Sjal. This luxurious anti-ageing face oil has been dubbed as ‘liquid silk’, as a blend of essential oils, bioactives, Himalayan blue sapphire and aquamarines provide a sublime energy, scent and texture.

Florence By Mills Look Alive Eye Balm

Even Millie Bobby Brown's new beauty line has utilised the power of crystals. This Florence by Mills eye balm blends malachite extract with peptides, snow mushroom and vitamin B12 in order to de-puff and brighten tired eyes.

Aurelia Probiotic Skin Care Calming Botanical Essence

Belonging to a multi-award-winning collection, this pure and natural mist is all you need to give tired skin a much-needed boost. Fragonia and chamomile combine to combat fatigue and stress, whilst rose quartz crystal water restores a sense of inner peace.

STARSKIN The Diamond Mask VIP Illuminating Coconut Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask

Achieving a crystal-clear complexion is made easy with this super cool sheet mask. Infused with a cocktail of fine botanicals and precious gemstones, the mask utilises diamond dust, emerald and tourmaline in order to illuminate and re-energise skin.

Honey Belle Jade Facial Roller

It’s the tool that has everyone talking, and for good reason too. Helping to maximise the performance of your skin care products, the jade roller gives skin a gentle massage, all whilst promoting a glowy complexion and sense of peace and purity.

skinChemists London Rose Quartz Mineral Eye Serum

The power of the rose quartz returns, but this time as a skin-brightening eye serum. Working to improve both tone and texture, the serum illuminates, hydrates and rejuvenates skin for a wide-awake look.

Omorovicza Blue Diamond Peel

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and in this case, also your skin’s. This opalescent peel is all you need to brighten, lighten and firm skin.

Dr. Brandt Glow by Dr. Brandt Kit

Wave goodbye to dull, tired skin as this expert duo provides the ultimate youthful glow. The overnight moisturiser is enriched with a ruby crystal complex, which is ace at promoting radiance, whilst the serum utilises the ability of retinol in order to even texture and tone.

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