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The Best Beard Trimmers for Men

By Luke Chapman - 5 years ago | Updated
Beard trimmers for men

If you’re growing out your facial hair, you need to be prepared to roll up your sleeves and embrace all the beard grooming it entails.

But, the insistent voice counters, don't we grow beards precisely to look effortless and natural? The answer is yes, looking effortless is often what we have in mind. But, much as we might wish otherwise, those hairs are unlikely to arrange themselves into an aesthetic, flattering formation all by themselves.

Which brings us to beard trimmers. They’re absolutely key to achieving the shape, growth and finish that you want, so let’s run through a few pointers when deciding which to get.

For a start, you want something that’s multi-purpose – unless you prepared for your bathroom cabinet to start resembling a tech-heavy corner of Q branch. The only exception to this rule is personal trimmers, which are small enough to cut nose or ear hairs, but also so small that a full beard trim becomes a test of endurance.

It makes sense to invest in a trimmer that will last. This doesn’t equate to throwing money at the issue – in fact, some great options are very economical – but it does mean buying a piece of kit that won’t need replacing every few months.

So before you do battle with your beard, make sure you take a look at our selection of the very best beard trimmers.

Wahl Bella Super Cord/Cordless Trimmer

Wahl Bella Super Cord/Cordless Trimmer

£71.40 £80.00 (11% off)

No matter what style you want to achieve, this trimmer is a fantastic option for up close styling. It helps tidy up those irritating tufts of hair that can grow around the throat or away from your sideburns. The comfortable grip and cordless power also make it easy to manoeuvre into hard-to-reach areas.

BaByliss PRO Cordless Super Motor Skeleton Trimmer Black

BaByliss PRO Cordless Super Motor Skeleton Trimmer

£114.45 £145.00 (22% off)

When we imagine the ‘edge’ of a beard, we tend to think about the jawline. But what about around the ears and nose, which not only border the beard but are key areas where overall definition can be lost? Investing in a high-quality personal trimmer provides a quick and efficient means of removing hairs without running the risk of cutting yourself.

Braun All-in-One Trimmer MGK5280 9-in-1 trimmer with 7 attachments

Braun All-in-One Trimmer MGK5280

£46.00 £69.99 (35% off)

This one's for the men who like a minimalist shaving selection. Why fill your bathroom and toiletry bag with copious shaving products when you can get the potency of five shaving tools in one powerful machine?

This 9-in-1 beard trimmer is a must-have for men who want no fuss. Sleek, easy-to-use and fast-acting, it shaves minutes off your shaving routine. Plus, the black and blue design looks pretty cool too.

Wahl Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer Red/Silver

Wahl Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer

£120.99 £150.00 (20% off)

This trimmer is the perfect everyday tool which you can easily use to tidy up your almighty beard in one quick stroke. It has a fast-moving cutter, which ensures a speedy, comfortable shave.

Wahl Groomsman Essentials Battery Cordless Grooming Trimmer Kit

Wahl Groomsman Essentials Battery Cordless Grooming Trimmer Kit

£15.70 £18.00 (13% off)

No-one does shaving electricals better than Wahl. This flexible trimmer tailors to beards of every length and style; it has the precision to finely sculpt neat facial hair and the power to tidy up bushier beards.

Whatever type of beard you rock, keep it looking on point with this premium trimmer from Wahl.

Philips Beardtrimmer Series 1000 Beard & Stubble Trimmer BT1216/15 With USB Charging

Philips Beardtrimmer Series 1000 Beard & Stubble Trimmer BT1216/15


This versatile beard trimmer caters to facial hair of any length. Whether you have slick and stylish stubble that regularly needs preening or a thick, bushy beard that you need to keep tidy, this multi-purpose trimmer meets every man's needs.

Philips are one of the go-to brands for beard trimmers so you don't have to worry about splashing out for a new trimmer in a few months - this reliable tool lasts for years.

Wahl Lithium Beret Trimmer

Wahl Lithium Beret Trimmer

£102.90 £105.00 (2% off)

When we think of beards, the thick, full ones you'd associate with a lumberjack typically come to mind. As much as we love that distinctly masculine style, Wahl has thought about the short, well-groomed beards too. Ideal for close lining and edging, this trimmer runs cordless for up to 75 minutes.

Finally, once you tire of showing off your exquisitely sculpted beard, give it some TLC with the fantastic beard-care products we have right here on Cosmetify.

Hair Clippers and Trimmers FAQs

Can you bring hair trimmers on a plane?

You sure can. You don't have to worry about whether to put them in your hand luggage or suitcase either, they're perfectly suitable for both. The sleek and compact design of modern hair trimmers allows them to seamlessly slide into your travel bag, and their durable nature alleviates any concern of damage.

Any premium hair trimmers have a fairly long battery life that lasts for a few weeks, so if you're heading away on a short trip you don't have to worry about packing the charger as well. If you're going travelling for a few months, a charger is necessary, but they're often nimble and take up little space.

Can you use a beard trimmer to cut hair?

You can use a beard trimmer on your head hair, but you may end up regretting it. Though beard trimmers and hair trimmers look the same at a glance, there are a few subtle differences. Hair trimmers are wider and have larger swathes because they typically have more surface area to cover. Beard trimmers are sleeker and more compact, purposely designed for precise, intricate motions.

If you don't have time to go to the barbers or buy a hair trimmer before a date or business meeting, you can have a go with the beard trimmer, but bear in mind that it will take much longer. However, if you're willing to put in the time and effort, the narrower swathes can be ideal for a crisp finish. It all depends on how confident you are wielding the trimmer.

How do I cut hair with clippers?

Lockdown has made hairdressers and barbers out of all of us. Many people have got a friend or family member to cut their hair or had a go at it themselves, and if you haven't yet but want to take the plunge, here's a guide to give you a helping hand.

If your hair has grown quite long, it's worth shampooing and conditioning it beforehand to make the job a bit smoother. It also reduces the risk of getting pesky dry hair stuck in the swathes. We also strongly recommend you find a mirror to help you maneouvre the trimmer with confidence, else you're going out at it blind (and that never ends well).

Start with the sides and the back of your head, preferably using a smaller mirror to guide you. Finish with the top of your head and then touch up any bits you may have missed. Give it a rinse over once you're finished and pat down with a towel.

Can I find cordless hair clippers?

Hair clippers with cords are left in the past. Every worthwhile electrical brand now produces cordless hair clippers, making your job that bit easier. Major brands recognised that having to find an outlet before giving your hair a trim is very inconvenient, so now you can take your clippers anywhere in the house.

The versatility of modern day hair clippers allows you to take them abroad or in a travel bag for a weekend away. Just make sure they're fully charged before you leave and you're good to go. Such is the demand of cordless hair clippers, they're relatively inexpensive; the prices often range from £20-£110, depending on quality and the brand.

For more grooming tips take a look at our wide range of beard combs, beard shampoo and razors, as well The 5 Best Hair Clippers for Men.

Luke Chapman

Written by Luke Chapman

After six years of experience in content writing, Luke followed his passion for male grooming, particularly fragrances, hair styling and natural skin care.

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