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Dose of Colors

Revel in the beauty behind Dose of Colors – a cruelty-free brand that offers a wide range of diverse, colorful and versatile cosmetics that help celebrate your unique look.

Founded in 2013 by makeup artist Anna Petrosian, this brand has gone from strength to strength. To do so, Anna used her industry knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver a diverse line of cosmetics with high quality formulas. Not to mention, modern, sleek packaging that look fantastic in any makeup collection.

Dose of Colors products couldn't be easier to use, with minimal effort you can expect major looks. This is perfect for stress-free makeup routines and beauty lovers pressed for time. No matter what look you want to create, this beauty brand are on hand to help. Discover must-have products, including their Meet Your Hue Foundation in 42 diverse shades and their much-loved nourishing lipsticks and lip glosses.

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Why We Like Dose of Colors

"Add a splash of creativity to your makeup routine with Dose of Colors. We love their approach to beauty, focusing on easy-to-use, diverse, versatile products that add something special to your collection. Cosmetify favorites include the dreamy Satin Lipstick and the iconic Meet Your Hue Foundation, which has a whopping 42 shades!"

Rebecca Jenkinson

Where can you buy Dose of Colors products in the US?

A range of Dose of Colors products are available to buy online from US stores, such as Beauty Bay and eCosmetics.

And it couldn’t be easier to find the cheapest place to buy your eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses & stains, liquid lipsticks plus others across the spectrum by using Cosmetify. We put in the hard work to compare prices from different stores, so you can find the best price for all your favorite Dose of Colors products.

We also showcase shipping cost and associated deals, so you can find the best prices for your favorite beauty goodies in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dose of Colors

Are Dose of Colors products, or their ingredients, tested on animals?

Their product line is 100% cruelty-free. As such, Dose of Colors never tests products or formulations on animals.

Do their formulas contain Parabens?

Some Dose of Colors products do contain Parabens (generally used as a preservative) however most don't at this time. You can view paraben free products by using our filters

Do they make phthalates-free products?

Some of their products are phthalates-free and can be found by using our site filters.

I usually avoid products that are artificially fragranced? Are Dose of Colors products suitable for me?

A lot of them are free-from-fragrance. If you wish to shop only fragrance free, use our site filters.

Does this brand put Sulfates in their formulations?

Dose of Colors have many products with this ingredient. You can shop their sulfate-free products by using the filters above.

Are Dose of Colors formulas 100% vegan?

The majority of Dose of Colors products on our platform are not suitable for those following a vegan routine. However, Dose of Colors does have some products that are formulated without animal-derived ingredients or by-products, which you can see by selecting the appropriate filters.

  • Cruelty Free
Dose of Colors

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