Trevor Sorbie

Trevor Sorbie

Titled 'the Godfather of hairdressing', it is no surprise that Trevor Sorbie’s hair care range is such a success.

His 50 years of experience has led him to own multiple successful salons, his first being the flagship salon in Covent Garden, which opened its doors in 1979. Over the years, he has built up a hairdressing empire and has academies in both London and Shanghai. It is also worth noting his founding of the charity Mynewhair, numerous industry awards and his being the very first hairdresser to receive an M.B.E from Her Majesty the Queen.

It is because of this extensive professional experience that Trevor Sorbie can bring you his highly effective range of at-home hair products. Focusing on quality and effectiveness, each hair tool helps you to achieve a salon-worthy result from the comfort of your own home.

Unlock healthy, model-like locks with the exceptional and professional help of Trevor Sorbie.

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