Sleep In Rollers

Sleep In Rollers

Everyone wants full-bodied hair and luscious curls, but sleeping with curlers can be uncomfortable, to say the least, and having to run errands and walk the streets with rollers in your hair can be embarrassing.

This is where Sleep In Rollers comes in, this brilliant beauty brand has designed innovative hair rollers that can be slept in! Yes, you heard right, the rollers will flatten like a sponge so that you can get beautiful and glamorous hair without having to compromise a comfortable night’s sleep.

Each pack comes with an outstanding 20 rollers that’ll not only give you optimal comfort whilst you sleep but will leave your hair lifted from the roots and bouncy all day long.

Quick, simple and easy, with these revolutionary and super cute sleep in rollers you can be the talk of the town for all the right reasons because with lustrous, curly hair that is full of volume you'll definelty be a hot topic.

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