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Serious Skincare

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Serious Skincare is a line of skincare, beauty treatments and cosmetics brought to you by Jennifer Flavin-Stallone.

As a young model, Jennifer was desperate to overcome her acne. She searched the globe high and low for a solution, and after plentiful trial and error, discovered Serious Skincare. Once her skin had cleared, she partnered with originators and launched the brand that we know today in a bid to help others suffering with stressed-out skin.

Serious Skincare was established over two decades ago with the mission to provide sensible and effective solutions for acne and problematic skin. Today, they deliver a myriad of truly transformative skincare and cosmetic formulas that are both affordable and accessible to all.

Their skincare works by using potent quantities of high-end anti-aging ingredients, acne fighting acids and skin softening moisturizers, so that no matter what the skin concern – acne, aging, dark spots, pores, or dryness – there's an effective remedy.

Shop the range today and discover everything from cleanser and serum to eye cream and exfoliators.

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