Created for sufferers of allergy-prone skin conditions, Salcura’s range of products target problem skin in a natural and highly effective way.

The concept was originally developed by bio-medical scientist, Dr Martin Schiele. It is because of the Salcura range that many sufferers have received a sense of relief and help with their skin problems for over 10 years. The people at Salcura believe in the principles of the body’s self-healing capacity of the skin – also known as homeostasis. This is dependent on a healthy supply of nutrients, which is why you will find that their products are jam-packed with natural oils and extracts to help the process along as much as possible.

But it doesn’t stop there – Salcura have also utilised the use of colloidal solutions. For example, blood and other fluids that belong to the body are colloidal in nature. Salcura have mimicked this with their sprays;the bio-availability of nutrients is a lot easier to be absorbed by the body, making them a more effective treatment.

All products are dermatologically tested, meaning they can be used on even the most sensitive of skin.

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