Richard James

Richard James

Looking back on his incredible tailoring career, Richard James notes that everyone was wearing black when he started. ‘I like to think we brought a little bit of colour’ he says today, and it’s that same commitment to vibrant style that illuminates his collection of fragrances.

As the first of Savile Row’s ‘new establishment’ – the more fashion-focused tailors who moved into the street in the nineties – Richard is widely credited with revitalising the home of quality tailoring. Throughout, the central aim was to produce classic men’s clothes, while simultaneously reinventing design through the innovative use of colour, shape and fit. The traditional world of Savile Row was initially uncertain just how to deal with this new name on the scene, and curious passers-by could often be seen staring through the plate glass window of No.37A.

Today, however, in the wake of decades of unprecedented success, Richard James has taken that same inimitable approach and applied it to the world of fragrance. Discover for yourself its quality and originality.

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