Niko Pro

Niko Pro

Buff, blend and beautify your way to flawless skin with the Niko Pro range of brushes.

Selling a plethora of professional brush sets, Niko Pro specialise in creating the softest, most stylish brushes to provide beauty fanatics with a smooth and even base. Arriving in an array of designs, the extensive collection helps both beginners and professionals alike to create a perfect finish every time. Easy to wash and maintain, the iconic brushes arrive in a set of ten oval shaped heads that give you everything you need to seamlessly blend away streaking and patchiness. Each brush contains a selection of densely packed nylon bristles which are intentionally soft to cater for more sensitive skin types.

Apply both cream and powder formulas with complete ease. From eyeshadows to foundation, the varying brushes accommodate all looks for a professional finish. Boasting a vegan title and cruelty-free status, the Complete Ova Brush Set is a firm favourite of beauty lovers worldwide.

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