Mr. Bright

Mr. Bright

Mr. Bright may sound like the beginning to an incredibly popular and well-known song, however, it is also a leading brand in the teeth whitening industry. The brand, founded by Australian duo, Hamish Buckley and Simon Hill, is a pioneer in the market, frequently trialling new ideas and methods.

The brand has become a success since it was founded, growing in popularity due to its hydrogen peroxide-free formula which is suitable for particularly sensitive teeth and gums. The team works tirelessly to provide a formula which gradually improves the strength and appearance of your teeth, a refreshing contrast to the quick fix promised by most companies.

Instead of hydrogen peroxide, Mr. Bright have concocted a unique formula of glycerine, sodium bicarbonate and cranberry to clean and dissolve plaque. The brand may have an impressive gallery of products, yet their reputation is only enhanced by their vegan and non-GMO range values.

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