Lilibeth Of New York are a cosmetics brand that supply eye and makeup services to a client base, as well as offering a line of makeup and skincare ranges to enhance your appearance and help you achieve a youthful, look.

Starting as a brow service within the industry, Lilibeth are renowned for their award-winning brow shaping tool – that combines the traditional, European tweezing method within an advanced brow shaper, to effectively define your arches.

The versatile nature of the product also delivers dermaplaning benefits to the complexion, as it gently exfoliates the top layer of skin, removing fuzzy facial hair and dead skin cells, to give you a smooth skin texture - which allows for a better makeup application and enhanced product absorption – it’s no wonder its loved internationally.

Lilibeth Of New York now offer a ravishing range of makeup and skincare products to give your complexion a healthy boost, while simplifying your beauty routine.

Discover an array of fabulous formulas to grant you flawless results every time.

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