LDN SKINS realise the desire to achieve that ‘sun-kissed’ look, whether it’s from a holiday in the sun, hours of sunbathing or, where LDN SKINS come in, from a fake tan that saves you time, effort and money.

Unlike getting tanned from the powerful rays of the sun LDN SKINS provide the opportunity to choose your shade of brown a little more easily. Not only do the brand supply a wealth of options to get that bronzed complexion, each lotion is enriched with copious nourishing ingredients to keep your skin looking smooth and sleek for longer.

The brand was founded in England, more specifically, London, as you may have guessed from the abbreviation in the name. The team of cosmetic experts haven’t forgotten their roots when comprising the range of products- each one is subtly scented with English lavender – which alongside avocado, melon and Aloe Vera oils makes for a healthy finish.

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