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Janina are one of the shining lights of the teeth whitening industry. They pride themselves on creating low-abrasive formulations from active ingredients to make sure your teeth are in the best possible condition. Getting that Hollywood smile has never been easier - or safer - thanks to the innovative technologies used throughout the product lines. Made for men and women alike, Janina provides an affordable solution that actually does what it says on the tube, making it a must-have investment.

A team of scientists works to concoct formulas that remove enamel and promote good oral hygiene. The products are particularly adept at removing stains from your teeth: coffee, tea, nicotine, red wine and lipstick are a few of the typical stains that are effortlessly removed by the potent formulas.

The advanced formula is scientifically proven to make your teeth up to 3.5 shades whiter and is a popular component amongst dentists across the UK. Janina have an impressive range, with their toothpaste being the highest in demand among their customer base.

Why We Like Janina

"Janina offers a great range of purse-friendly oral care products for you to peruse. We love their hardworking formulas as they remove nasty stains and plaque build-up to help you maintain a fabulous set of clean, gleaming pearly whites. Plus, the bold packaging adds a fun touch to our morning and evening routines. "

Rebecca Jenkinson

Written by Rebecca Jenkinson, Beauty Writer

Where can I buy Janina products online in the UK?

Products by Janina are sold in the UK at leading, well-known online retailers, such as Feel Unique and Fragrance Direct.

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