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Fragrances by Halloween encapsulate a sense of the mysterious and alluring. And they do this in a manner unique to the brand and its dedicated team of perfumers and 'noses'; just one inhalation or spritz is enough to inform your senses that these aromas are quite unlike any other.

The brand created its very first fragrance in 1997, dedicating it to the woman full of the mystery – the vamp. This dark, enigmatic composition, developed by Max Gavarry, laid out Halloween's creative vision, which was then reinterpreted time and time again with a host of different perfumes.

By channelling such rare and vibrant aromas as violet, fresh sea notes, banana leaf, apple martini and leather, the creatives behind these perfumes were able to not only capture your senses but also evoke images and emotions that embody the understated gothic. Refined, elegant packaging reflects this, transmitting a sense of clarity, refinement and underlying potency. Outer appearances can sometimes be deceptive but, in the case of Halloween, a first glance really does capture something of what makes the fragrance range unique.

Where are Halloween products sold in the UK?

You can buy Halloween products from a variety of retailers in the UK, including Allbeauty.

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