Founded in 2011 by Monika Zochowska, GLOV are an ingenious beauty brand that began with the intention of simplifying beauty routines all over the world - with their unique and effective alternative to the traditional facial cleansing method.

Offering an innovative twist on makeup removal, each GLOV product utilises patented micro-fibre technology to remove makeup like a magnet – delivering a gentle yet efficient cleanse, to leave the skin gorgeous and glowing.

GLOV have revolutionised the industry by creating a selection of products that will exfoliate, cleanse and tone the skin, whilst removing makeup and excess product - giving everyone the opportunity to reveal a soft, smooth skin look.

These multi-tasking marvels work like magic, with just a touch of water to remove makeup, dirt and debris in seconds, while eliminating harmful toxins from the face, so you can enjoy a perfectly cleansed complexion.

The GLOV range comprises a variety of unique facial cleansers, that are both hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested to give sensitive skin the option to glow.

Shop a clever collection of cleansing gloves and tools, to effortlessly enhance your daily skincare routine.

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